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Joint maps of the international boundary between United States and Canada : from the St. Lawrence to the source of the St. Croix River (1922-24 )

Date: 1922-24
Creator: nternational Boundary Commission
Projection: web
Scale: 1:24,000
To accompany the commissioners' joint report signed at Ottawa Aug. 15, 1924 upon the reestablishment of the boundary in accordance with the provisions of article III of the treaty signed at Washington April 11, 1908. Includes index sheet. (Incomplete set, missing sheets 10-27, 50.) Relief shown by contours and spot heights. Some sheets have insets. Sheets signed by His Britannic Majesty's Commissioner and the United States Commissioner.
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Two Countries One Forest Conservation Data (various)

Date: various
Creator: Two Countries One Forest (2C1 Forest)
Access: WEB
2C1Forest is a major Canadian-U.S. collaborative of 50 conservation organizations, researchers, and foundations working to conserve and restore the forests and natural heritage of the Northern Appalachian Acadian ecoregion. From their website: Use and reproduction of this data is authorized for educational or other non-commercial purposes without prior permission from the copyright holders. You may make as many copies of the data as you wish, give exact copies of the original data to anyone, and distribute the data in its unmodified form via electronic means. There is no charge for any of the above. You are specifically prohibited from charging, or requesting donation, for any such copies (however made), from publishing, and/or from distributing the data with other products (commercial or otherwise) without prior written permission.
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