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City of Toronto Land Information (1999)

Date: 1999
Creator: City of Toronto
Access: CD-ROM [078]
AGU ARC/Info Eport Assessment areas, sub divisions and divisions
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Toronto Plan shewing the Boundaries marked on the ground of the Military Reserve belonging to the Ordnance in the City of Toronto. County and Township of York, Canada West (1852)

Date: 1852
Creator: Great Britain. Army. Commanding Royal Engineers Office Fleming, Sandford, Sir, 1827-1915 Gordon, Alexander Dixon, M. C. (Mathew Charles), d. 1860 Walker, Nelson Walkem, Charles Wilkinson, Berdoe
Scale: 1 inch to 264 feet
Access: web
as surveyed by Mr. Sandford Fleming, Provincial Land Surveyor, between the months of Novr. 1851. & May 1852.
Other Signees: Alexr. Gordon, Lieut: Colonel Dist. Commg. Royal Engineer, Canada West, 28th July 1853. M.C. Dixon, Colonel Comg. Rl. Eng. Canada, 12th Sept. 1853.
Description: Manuscript, Copy
Dimensions: 29 3/4 x 52
Microfiche Number: 11449

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Toronto Property Data Maps (PDM) 2004 (2004)

Date: 2004
Creator: Works and Emergency Services, City of Toronto
Datum: NAD 27
Projection: MTM Zone 10
Scale: 1:2,000
Access: by request on staff intranet and CD-ROM [204]
Data includes: Building lines, hydro towers, curbs, curlines, curb points, catch basins, electrical pols, garage lines, garage polygons, general poles, historical sites, fire hydrants, light standards, miscellaneous structures, parks, pathways, pedestrian street lights, railways, spot elevation, street car tracks, street lines, street names, subway tracks, telephone poles, traffic lights, and transmission lines
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