Historical Toronto Streets / Roads

Temporal Extent (Data Date)1818-1884
Publication Date1818-01-01 - revised 1884-01-01
Data/Image Set Access Download
Listing in Geoportal?YES
Method of Accessweb
Index Page web link
Data CreatorMarcel Fortin, University of Toronto Map and Data Library
PublisherMarcel Fortin, University of Toronto Map and Data Library
DescriptionHistorical Toronto Streets in: 1818, 1834, 1842, 1851, 1861, 1871, 1884 Based upon http:\/\/go.utlib.ca\/cat\/1623414. Mapping early Toronto: a preliminary historical atlas, 1793-1871 by Alan M. Craig. Original data can be found on CD[312] and the Local Intranet in the MDL - U:\\Geodata\\Canada\\ON\\Toronto\\TorontoCity\\Roads_historical
Type of Data VECTOR
Copyright OwnerMarcel Fortin (vector data)
Permission Required to Use? None
Acknowledgement Required to Use? Citation
Price for Use? None
Who Can Use Data? PUBLIC
Entry Date 2011-11-07
Subjects / ROADS
Geography Covered / TORONTO

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