Plan No. 1. To accompany Messrs. W.T. Jennings and J.R. Roy's report on Toronto Harbour Improvement dated 28th June, 1900. Plan of Toronto Harbour with the Proposed town and part of the settlement

Temporal Extent (Data Date)1850-1851
Publication Date1850-01-01 - revised 1851-01-01
Data/Image Set Access Download
Listing in Geoportal?NO
Method of Accessweb
Data CreatorMann, Gother Jennings, W.T. Roy, Joseph R.
Scale1 inch to 40 chains
DescriptionToronto, Ontario
Type of Data RASTER
Permission Required to Use?
Acknowledgement Required to Use?
Price for Use?
Call NumberNMC4488
Who Can Use Data? PUBLIC
Entry Date 2009-09-07
Geography Covered / CANADA (ENTITY) / TORONTO
Formats / TIF / JPEG / JPEG 2000

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