World Language Mapping System Version 3.01

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Map or Series Date: 2004
Edition: Version 3.01
Creator: Global Mapping International
Description: The World Language Mapping System (WLMS) is the result of over 15 years of collaborative work between Global Mapping International (GMI) and the Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL), to map the over 6,800 languages described in SIL's 14th edition Ethnologue. The resulting GIS data is used by SIL to produce maps for the Ethnologue and other purposes, and has been published by GMI in GIS format for the Christian nonprofit community since 1995 as part of the Global Ministry Mapping System. This database, updated on a regular basis, is now available to the broader community of GIS users.
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1 LANGUAGE lookup table DATABASE
2 LANGUAGE language area features SHAPEFILE
3 LANGUAGE Documentation (metadata) PDF
4 LANGUAGE extinct language point features SHAPEFILE
5 LANGUAGE other language point features (see pdf) SHAPEFILE
6 LANGUAGE language point features SHAPEFILE
7 LANGUAGE unknown precise location point features SHAPEFILE
8 LANGUAGE widespread languages, offset for display SHAPEFILE
9 LANGUAGE widespread language point features SHAPEFILE
10 LANGUAGE mixed language area features SHAPEFILE
11 LANGUAGE other region language area features (see pdf) SHAPEFILE

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